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About Plinko Casino Game

Plinko is one of the most played Casino game worldwide. The casino minigame is inspired by the Japanese Pachinko machines. The game rule is so simple that it requires no further explanations or game rules chart. You should basically drop a ball on the top of the pyramid, and let the ball find its way to the multiplier which varies from 0.2x to 1,000x! It’s impossible to lose the game round in Plinko, since the lowest multiplier is 0.2x, which means that in the worst case, your 10 EUR bet will give you 2 EUR in return.

Where should I Play Plinko?

Plinko can be played on various famous Online Casino brands. Our choice is MyStake Casino, where you can play Plinko game with the highest possible RTP of 99%, greatest graphics and the most realistic physics. We shouldn’t forget that Plinko is a casino game, which means that the chance of winning is depended on the total amount of bets placed in the system. Because of that, some of the game providers have unrealistic graphics and the ball jumps towards the lower multiplier while it was designated to go towards the highest one. On MyStake, in Plinko game the physics and Gravity effects are the most realistic and the route of the ball is the closest to the reality.

How To Play Plinko?

In order to play Plinko, you should sign up on MyStake Casino and make your first real-money deposit. Signing up is quite simple on MyStake and requires just a minute.

After filling your personal info such as Name, Email address and Password, it’s time to make the first deposit.

Mystake has availability of numerous famous depositing methods such as Visa/MasterCard, Crypto, Skrill, Sofort, Pix and much more! You will definitely find the deposit method the most suitable for you!

After completing those 2 steps, it’s time for you to start playing!

Plinko Casino Game Rules / Playing Options

MyStake’s Plinko has 24 options to be played with. You can adjust the Game Risk Level from Low – Med – High or adjust the number of rows from 8 to 16. Naturally, playing on the highest risk, the multiplier of the farthest block is higher, but there are numerous low multipliers in the middle. While playing on the Lowest risk mode, the highest multiplier is 16x, but all of the blocks are above 1x except for the one in the middle. You can adjust the risk mode and row count on your taste to take the most out of the Plinko game.

Risk Levels / Row Count

To understand better how Risk levels and Row counts change the multipliers, here’s the photo guide

Low Risk; 16 Rows

Low Risk; 8 Rows

Medium Risk; 16 Rows

Medium Risk; 8 Rows

High Risk; 16 Rows

High Risk; 8 Rows

From the above description you must’ve quickly figured that higher the risk level and row count is, the higher the maximum multiplier becomes. The highest, 1,000x multiplier is available while the game risk mode is selected on High, and the row count is 16.

Which is the Best Risk / Row Selection for Plinko?

According to our experience, Plinko is the most profitable if you play it on High risk and here’s mathematical explanation of why it’s the best.

Let’s imagine the worst case scenario and ignore all the multipliers other than 0.2x and 1,000x. Let’s assume we’re playing with the balance of 1,000 EUR and we’re betting 1 EUR each time.

In the worst case, you will hit all 1000 bets to 0.2x. In that case, you will still have 200, EUR balance, which gives you 200 more chances. Let’s still assume that you hit all 200 bets to 0.2, in that case your balance will be 40 EUR which gives you 40 additional trials. Hitting all 40 balls on 0.2 will give you an additional 8 trials. Hitting all 8 balls on 0.2x will give you 1 additional trial. In total, if you sum up these numbers, you will get 1000+200+40+8+1=1249 trials with 1,000 EUR deposit. It means that you have 1249 trials to hit 1,000x. You only lose if 1250th trial fails, because if you hit the 1000x multiplier on 1249th trial, you will have gained 1249 while your deposit was just 1,000 which means you made 249 EUR profit.  

Note: This is not a financial advice. Please attempt the game on your sole risk.

Adjust Number of balls

Adjusting the number of balls doesn’t really change the game risk or chances of winning. It’s only if you want to play the game on quicker pace. That’s because the bet amount is divided by the number of balls. So basically if you’re too lazy to place 20 bets of 1 EUR, you can just adjust the bet to 20 EUR and set the ball count to 20 and it will have the same effect.

Basically it’s all you should know about the rules of Plinko game!

Play Plinko with Bonus

On MyStake, you can play the Plinko game with Bonus! Here’s the list of bonus offers which you can activate for your first deposit with MyStake:

  1. Minigames Welcome Bonus 100%
    Your first deposit on MyStake can be doubled up, so you have bigger chances to win on Plinko!
  2. 10% Crypto Cashback
    If you love making deposits with Crypto, all of your crypto deposits will be refunded with 10% crypto cashback at the end of the month.

Plinko Free Bet with Promo Code – Get 5 EUR to play Plinko

MyStake’s official partner websites often offer Promo Codes on signup to play certain games for free. You can find Promo Code to play plinko for free on and other official partners of MyStake.

After you’ve found the promo code on Plinko, you should copy it and paste in the Promo Code tab of your account > Gifts With Promo Code section. also offers an 5 EUR Free Bet on Plinko, just use the Promo Code – 


After using all 5 Free Bets on Plinko, your total win amount will be credited to you in the form of an actionable bonus, which should be wagered prior to withdrawal. Contact Live 24/7 Support of the website for more detailed rules and enjoy the quickest response time of all.

Plinko Casino Websites

You can play Plinko on many Online Casino brands, such as Stake Casino, GoldenBet, JackBit, Freshbet and many more. However, MyStake is our choice because of the most secure payments, quick payouts, highest RTP, smooth design, availability of other similar minigames, and most importantly – its reputation.

Big Winners on Plinko

You might be wondering if there are people who have succeeded and won a huge amount of money on Plinko. There are numerous cases in reality that have been recorder and published online. You can search them in Youtube, Tiktok, or other social networking platforms. You can also visit MyStake’s Discord community and keep an eye on its “big wins” chatroom where MyStake community members share their game experience about Plinko and other casino products.

Gambling Experts Rate MyStake Plinko

Plinko of Mystake captures the attention of many Gambling enthusiasts and experts.

One of the most influential figure in Gambling, Tom Morrison says:

“Plinko has captured my attention since its release. I’ve played Plinko on several online casino brands, but MyStake’s one impressed me with its Physics, Gravity effects, RTP and variety of game modes. It’s definitely one of my most favorite game to play while it comes to casino!

Play Plinko on MyStake without restrictions

Are you from a region where gambling is prohibited? Don’t worry, there is a solution!
You can visit MyStake’s Mirror Website where  you can find available MyStake alternative domains to play on. You can also use VPN for the availability of any domain. The regulation is not a problem if you’d like to play Plinko. MyStake has also announced the Mobile App, which will make it impossible for the regulators to block it. Stay tuned about the news about MyStake Casino!

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We Suggest playing Plinko on the highest risk with 16 rows, See the detailed explanation in the article above